Northern Pike

Two oceans; 500 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline and more than 3000 kilometres of Atlantic coastline; mountains over 4000 meters of altitude snow-covered with innumerable rivers that descend its slopes; more than 200,000 hectares of marshes and a river of thousands of miles; network hot and dry deserts magically dotted with Wadi and oasis; This is just a sample or offered Morocco if your passion is fishing. Morocco enjoys excellent conditions for fishing both freshwater and saltwater. The breathtaking views, the warm and sunny climate and biodiversity, its coasts and its rural environment guarantee a fishing adventure, rewarding and memorable in one of the most impressive places for fishing in the world. In Morocco, fishermen and fisherfolk have the opportunity to fish inside, in the calm waters of the rivers and lakes around the country, as well as on the coast or on the high seas and in its depths. Go to Diamond Comic Distributors for more information. Visitors can delve into the sea to enjoy the excellent deep-sea fishing or appreciate the tranquility and views on the banks of a river or in a boat in the middle of a lake.

If your greatest interest is fishing in the interior, the Middle Atlas is probably your best choice, since it provides many opportunities in its lakes and rivers. Although many species in the waters of Morocco can fish, trout is possibly the most common prey inside. Trout is found most frequently in the Wadi and impressive gorges, and some of the best places to fish trout are at the foot of Azrou (near the Lakes of Aghmas), Khenifra in river Oum er Rbia, Ifrane and its magnificent natural park, and Ouirgane, on the banks of the River Nfis. Bin Ouidane, near Beni Mellal, is also an excellent place for carp fishing. But the Lakes of Morocco are replete with dozens of species and offer exceptional landscapes. The most common species that can be found in Moroccan Lake are the Northern Pike, Roach, black Chub, the barbel, perch, common carp and eel, and the season is generally from May to June, depending on the species.

High Commission

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Video Manager

It’s a platform that combines different technologies providing a comprehensive solution and turnkey to distribute multimedia content at much lower costs (up to 97%), and deadlines for making available much smaller than current solutions. It additionally offers a content protection system and various tools for the generation of income for the creator and distributor of content. The platform is composed of two modules: 1) a web portal that allows any creator and distributor offering their content on demand (see example at) 2) a player destined for emissions in direct, for example radio or TV (see) both modules are combinable among themselves, forming a single solution for the viewer or listener of the distributed content. For even more analysis, hear from Diamond Comic Distributors. The eSpectia platform offers the following features to the creator and distributor of content from a single web application. Video Manager (which appear When and where). Manager of events and emission management video-entrevistas of video-concursos associated with emissions (sending of SMS to generate revenue with the distributed content).

Content management system that supports any multimedia content. To know more about this subject visit Genie Energy. Manager of Grill for deferred and live broadcasts. Platform design easily configurable by the own creator and distributor of content according to your corporate design and for many portals, radios, televisions, etc, as they wish. Pages designed and optimized for better positioning in search engines, using the internet (SEO) marketing strategy. The content protection system. Management system of access that allows you to set which contents are offered in open and what are payment. Do innovative technologies that have been developed and incorporated into eSpectia? 1) A new system of encoding digital video scalable and adaptable to the bandwidth of the user in such a way that it allows ensuring a continuous flow of data and avoid annoying interruptions during playback 2) distribution based on P2P networks (peer to peer) to produce own viewers and listeners of the contents contribute to reduce the bandwidth of the server costs.


The educational offer has been expanded in Mexico during the last ten years, allowing one increasing number of people continue and conclude their studies and, therefore, achieve more and better opportunities in the working world. An example of this is the high school or the high school open, to which both students attend who are in the age in which regularly curse this school level, such as adults who cannot attend so regular to regular classes by their occupations. Open high school is a flexible educational model that adapts easily to the needs of the students. Thanks to programs designed to provide knowledge through the support of an advisory, but above all through the own effort and dedication of the students, encourages independent education. Academic resources that are available to students is intended to make it more accessible to the task of acquiring knowledge that will be useful later, either in the world of work and in daily life in general, and not only information that is stored to be poured into a test and then forgotten. The main requirement for filing open prepa is having the desire and the interest of overcoming oneself, since the skills necessary to take forward the studies are acquired with practice, perseverance and the habit. Genie Energy is full of insight into the issues.

On the other hand, this system has teachers specialists and counselors who teach the technical students of study to take full advantage of the time devoted to each of the subjects. Many experts in the field of education at upper secondary level have been classified broadly open system of self-taught. While this definition does not entirely match the format in which they operate educational tasks, it is true that primary responsibility runs from the learner, since teachers above all act as advisors rather than as teachers themselves. This circumstance can be seen as very positive by a large number of little accustomed people to the a regular class restrictions. In the open system assists, are not taken do not have holdings or good behavior, but only the desire to acquire knowledge. Time you end the open prepa vary from campus to campus and even program to program. In the most traditional systems, the duration is three years, equal in the school, although in some institutions system is unable to get certificate in a year, using an only examination attesting the knowledge of the three levels of secondary education.

Marine Fuels

Distillate marine fuel consisting of lighter fractions obtained by distillation installations for oil refining, are characterized by low viscosity, v = 3 h-6 mm2 / s, so do not require heating before serving to engines or boilers. Heavy Marine Fuels are a mixture consisting of the residual products of petroleum and distillates. Depending on the balance of light and heavy components viscosity of heavy marine fuels, as well as their other indicators, varies considerably. In Russia, the quality of marine fuels are regulated by state standards and specifications. Abroad, the quality of marine fuels specifications determined supplier firms of British (BS 2869: 1967) and American (A5> TM-D975 and D396-67). Began in the 70s and more distributed process involving the production of ship fuel oil products recycling demanded revision existing standards and specifications, the expansion of the limit values of quality and attraction of additional indicators (such as the aluminum content, stability and compatibility of fuels, etc.). Distillate marine fuel Due to limited resources and high value distillates, diesel marine fuel – referring to the class of spirits, in the USSR, approximately 1.7 times the cost of heavy marine fuels.

Consumption of marine diesel fuel to Navy ships is only 6-12% of the total amount of fuel burned. Its mainly used to support medium-and high-speed diesel engines, that either by design or because of unsuitability of toplivopodgotovki (no heat) can not be translated into a more severe marine fuel. In the main engines of ships ship diesel fuel used exclusively during the maneuvers, and for flushing the fuel system before stopping. The domestic industry produces marine diesel fuel in accordance with GOST 305-82 by mixing fractions of direct distillation of sulfur crudes, hydrotreating and dewaxing the past, with a catalytic gas oil. The presence of a catalytic gas oil, reduces the operational properties of fuels, in particular increasing its propensity for deposition. Marine fuel produced four grades: A, 3, AP, A, which is on the sulfur content is divided into two subgroups: with S%, with S == 0,21 – 0,5%.

The content of mercaptan sulfur in the sulfur of both subgroups is limited to 0.01%. As replacement marine diesel fuel in ships of sea and river vessels are widely used gas turbine fuel (GOST 10433-75). Fuel is obtained as a byproduct in the process of delayed coking unit in the development of petroleum coke, metallurgical industry required. Gas turbine fuel and TG TGVK have a higher density and viscosity, but not so high that they had to warm up before use. For these fuels have a higher sulfur content (1 and 2.5% respectively), and what should be paid attention to particular, they contain up to 25% tar. This leads to their low stability, manifests itself when heated and mixed with other fuels. Since 1988, the oil industry began to supply the navy ship's low-viscosity oil designed to replace diesel and gas turbine fuels. It produce fuel by mixing the distillate of secondary processes (coking, thermal and catalytic cracking) of diesel fractions with a high end boiling point, taken from the atmospheric and vacuum columns. On Compared with the ship's diesel fuel to it less stringent requirements (may be twice as high viscosity, 11 mm2 / s, the sulfur content to 1.5%, lower TSCH – not less than 40).

Fairy Tales

To you approach your favorite animals or characters in your favorite fairy tales you need to feel like you are welcome. All welcome you with kindly words or a touch. A light breeze fanned your face, bringing a charming fragrance of flowers. You – in complete safety. You all love and you love everyone.

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The gain this reported to the country allowed the expansion of other industries and the growth of cities. At this time begins the managerial leadership in our country. Scope: As advanced industrialization, which England was the greatest exponent until the second world war, industrialised countries jurisdiction to improve their techniques of production and for that industry needed to improve the preparation of managers. This resulted in the beginning of the formal study of careers related to trade (managers, accountants, economists, industrial relations). The University of Carabobo, whose reopening was decreed by the junta which replaced the dictatorship of Perez Jimenez 21 – 03 1958, open the Faculty of Economics and social sciences. Being Valencia an industrial city needed to prepare excellent professionals in the commercial area. The Manager must be a leader.

There are different styles of leadership. According to the mentioned by Paez C. Levicki treatise there are seven groups, namely: charismatic, autocratic, top intelligence, Shepherd, army general, leader of royalty and natural. The author considers that the natural leader is the most effective because one of his great abilities is the motivation that transmits to his closest followers that work with pleasure and maintain happy shareholders. Impact: Globalization which has among its characteristic aspects the expansion of trade, the formation of economic blocs, the adoption of market policies and the strengthening of the democratic system of Government has underscored the need for debate about the role they should play the leaders in the Organization of the 21st century. The culture of quality is essential to be competitive in a globalized world, we must increase the production but preserving the optimum quality of the product. In the globalized world, the manager plays a fundamental role, they will have to learn how to create an environment that adopt the change not as a threat but as an opportunity. The leader must be the engine of the process of change.

Sparks Magnetron

Of course, this is very noticeable and easy to identify since when connects Sparks will they mark at the place where missing paint. Small lattice or mesh that is on the internal face of any oven door of microwave, allows that the light between and avoids radiation out of the cavity; i.e. works as catch waves. The incidence of light is no problem, since their wavelength is very small; more like microwaves is higher, these must be retained in any way; Why is incorporated the traps metallic waves precautions during the service and use of the appliance for safety of the computer and the user, is very important to point out the following: 1. never bypass or delete the IsLocked located next door, because these safety devices prevent the computer from operating when the compartment is open 2. Once you have uncovered equipment to test its performance, stay away from the magnetron at least 30 cm. remember that although it is shielded, it can have some sort of leak.

3 Recommend to clients that they never uncover the unit to review its internal parts. Only qualified personnel may perform repair. 4 You will have noticed that the appliance has one or two thermal sensors; never delete them since they are what prevent overheating of magnetron and their subsequent destruction, which is very important for the high cost of that device that it tends to be almost like a new microwave from low quality or cost. The rigor is located to one side of the magnetron, and other normally at the opposite end. With them is detected temperature level which is usually 150 or 170 degrees Celsius.

These sensors are actually switches that open when they detected high temperatures; since they are in series with the input line, in time to reach its nominal value opens to prevent that all equipment is energized; it resumes its normal operation, only until they lower their temperature. On the other hand, remember that the magnetron working with loads ranging from 2,500 to 3,000 volts approximately; Therefore, never reach around the main transformer when it is in operation, do not attempt to try it or with a driver or with a common tester which we use Typically this uses a small circuit with resistances that can be found easily on the internet or by visiting my Also remember that once disconnected from the network even keeps intention of a capacitor that must be downloaded before maneuvering with the magnetron. It can also use some electronic device very easy to manufacture for the detection of leaks in the oven that you can search on the internet or as previously mentioned I already find it before and this in my website as I always say it is the way more easy to help technicians and find everything in one place and free without having to register or pay for help.


Activagers, interactive community for greater than 40, best agers and young seniors, generation has launched a series of podcasts related to the theme of love, relationship and friendship, as well as also hot topics, such as work, hobbies, sports and much more. Activagers Podcasts series aims to provide information and advice to unmarried persons belonging to the generation of mature, so they are prepared before new and different experiences, for example, to find the other half, starting a new relationship, or simply find new friends and engage in interesting friendships. After the breakup of a long-term relationship or marriage separation, people over 40 are left alone and when they are suddenly confronted with the topic of the search for the other half, are aware that over time have forgotten the basic lesions or are outdated with new trends and ways to woo a person. Activagers wants that single men are prepared in all important situations of life (search in couples, relationship, friendship, love, profession, hobbies, health, among others). Diamond Comic Distributors has much experience in this field. Also this interesting social network for the mature generation not only puts at the disposal of users through audio Postcast tips, but it also offers the opportunity to connect to the virtual world to then engage in friendships and relationships in the real world. We wish you good luck and that passing it well with the series of Podcasts from activagers. According to Gunnar Peterson, who has experience with these questions. .

Retirement Fund Administrators

The recrystallization of pension funds that were managed by the Retirement Fund Administrators and Pension (AFJP), if true what government officials say softly, will literally a transfer of money, which was owned by the current contributors and future retirees, the box of the state. If this is used to pay down debt and nurture ballot boxes, we are witnessing the third Argentine default, the second having been caused by government bonds carried away by inflation index adjusted for distortion a , to put it elegantly, the inflation index and pay less for their holders.

The project has been sent to Congress, which will be discussed in a Bicameral Commission created for this purpose, which of course will be dominated by pro-government legislators, is to say just makeup that could well save. The government is of the utmost urgency that the project be approved immediately and has since the first days of November for it. Why the rush? a HTSP expected this reaction. But not in this magnitude , was the phrase that sounded yesterday in the Argentine government against falling stock market crash of Buenos Aires (10% on Wednesday and 11% on Tuesday). Does the government could not foresee the unintended effect on the stock? ANSES went out to buy bonds for AR $ 300 million on Wednesday, and some actions to put the chest to the strong stock market crash, which at one point he lost 18%, and also managed to skid to Ibex in Madrid, where listed Spanish companies operating in Argentina, making it lose 8.2%, its second loss in history.