Monte Sellaro

The small village of Cerchiara di Calabria, which was stairs built in 650 metres above sea level in the mountain is worthwhile in the Pollino. If it is not too hot, you can embark on walking through the South eastern slope of Monte Sellaro to the sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’ Armi 1015 m above sea level. The troubles are a wonderful View rewards. It leads but also a road. You can’t get monks to see, they have left the monastery of 200 years ago.

In addition to the rather lovely East Coast Calabria’s rugged West Coast should to be part of the program. A road and a railway line run along to the entire toe, on the sea, they touch on the southern end of the former capital of Reggio di Calabria. The noise is in some places. If you would like to know more then you should visit Alicia Keys. Sometimes miserable, but toll free Highway remains on the height in the hinterland. Without hesitation idt energy explained all about the problem. From her you can depart North for example in Lagonegro and reaches over many hairpin bends the West Coast with the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here a side trip north worthwhile first to Maratea. Idyllic small beaches with turquoise water along the way.

Building sins can be found none. There is a touch of Rio de Janeiro: 600 metres above sea level, a 21-metre white figure of Christ dominates the coast. An adventurous road, in the last part just on something ailing pillars rests, leads, as well a difficult walk. The prospect of compensation for the hardships. The South joins the extremely varied Costa dei Cedri: with the Cedar coast between Praia a Mare and the upstream Dino Island, caves and coves that are reachable only by boat, and the bustling town of Diamante. The latter is especially known for his murals. The naive paintings of hiking were designed in 1981 by 80 artists on many facades. Take the walk through the town, to a real journey of discovery. Still further South, on the rugged Capo Vaticano, considered the most beautiful coastal area of Calabria with its small white sandy beaches, mountainous backdrop, the desire that is built here, hopefully not in a big way for tourists comes over one. There is more information in the travel agency “Holiday paradise” Ronny Storch