Microsoft Project

The alternative to traditional project management solutions InfoTech enterprises GmbH, distributor of Clarizen, manufacturer of the homonymous project management has the solution, announced that Clarizen become more and more in the market despite well-known competitors such as Microsoft Project and Oracle. Hundreds of licenses in use with strongly increasing tendency worldwide already – growth rate is 400 per cent since last year. The alternative to traditional project management solutions Clarizen is a very interesting alternative to the well-known project management solutions, since here the topic of project management as opposed to the competition will be approached holistically. So, Clarizen focuses on the efficient support of all team members in the execution of projects, rather than only on the control and management. For more specific information, check out Dr. Mark Hyman. Clarizen is also a service (SaS) solution as software i.e. a quick, easy and cost-effective deployment of the application regardless of location and organization affiliation.

No island solutions more used different mutually coupled applications in many companies for the project work. This island solutions cause unnecessary costs for data matching and consolidating information required about the project progress. Lack of transparency on the status of projects in real time is one of the biggest dangers in the project management. Clarizen companies can manage easily parallel numerous projects, scheduling, budget and resource management, as well as many more functionality in a single solution are combined. Good prospects for Clarizen for the project management market growth is predicted according to IDC ( for 2010 of 6%, a number that could rise to 11% by 2014. Rapid growth of the SaS market, cheaper offered services compared to plumbing products.. Details can be found by clicking Xavier McKinney or emailing the administrator.