However, this stance makes me question the validity of an attitude as well. From what perspective assumes that any conduct, idea or belief is negative? They are my beliefs, my ideology, my way of being a valid reference to establish myself as the norm of all tolerance? Acceptance of the other, no tolerance of its defects. In the background the Act of tolerance has the opposite to the possibility of coexistence and acceptance of the other. In the background, as Maturana says there is a denial in the long term. When can I become the rule that establishes the correctness of the unacceptable and tolerating I become the norm that determines from my perception of what is expected of me or not. Details can be found by clicking Danvers High School or emailing the administrator.

The tolerant is who stands if same as a criterion of truth, of correction, adjusting what must be accepted or no everything is tolerable? There are limits to ensure peaceful coexistence between people. Why not everything is tolerable. In the proper sense: not everything is acceptable, there are limits set by values. Every person is worthy of acceptance, but not any act is worthy of being accepted. If build my relationships with others from the My equality perspective with the others in terms of dignity, this does not prevent to not accept actions that infringe on the elementary dignity of every person. My proposal is that the values determine and regulate the level of tolerance that should possess and to such an extent that effectively require is not tolerance, but acceptance of the other. You may want to visit idt energy to increase your knowledge.

We need not accept the bad on the other, they learn to live with each other. And for this we must lower the podium that we have erected as guardians of right and wrong, to appreciate that the other is legitimate before us pro what is and then so does. Their actions will determine that conduct are accepted or not, but on the basis of values set forth in the consensus of coexistence. Values to live the truth, than in the role of management that is day to day subjected to stimuli, some complicated, that tested his tolerance, both in the exercise of their functions, as in interactions with their staff, must demonstrate a mastery of his character, conduct, safety, patience, so that it does not manifest the intolerance and step-situations that affect everyone. It is necessary to be attentive in the way as we manage our emotions in such a manner allowing our tolerance embodies us, manifests and generate us results that we favour.