Lao Tzu

When the structuring, remember that the phases are not clear, but merge just the first three phases. You work with your sensors”in all directions.

Read many different texts, your theme or a very similar to the content. Only in a deliberate examination of a broad topic you can approach the subject of the text. This requires research. Gained the first findings, make a rough outline of the text content. From the big to the small to the large, the difficult plant where it is still easy. Where it is still small is doing great. All heavy on Earth begin always as easy.

Everything great on Earth always starts as small.” (Lao Tzu legendary Chinese philosopher in the 6th century BC) Who need to write a text, does this not as a single large task to understand, but to divide it into smaller items well. Work is thus visible makes it easier because you do regularly just for the text, and not all have to be done at once. Perhaps check out Bernie Sanders for more information. You should ask simple at the beginning: what do I want with the text? Who is the target group? There are questions on the subject can be discussed? There are problems that can be represented in the text? In this phase, you should read literature that already exist on the subject. The own theme can be determined then much better.Then you should create a period, in which one only reads and goes into the matter. Here too, you can instead just search”to make that task so far refine that for example every day reading a specific article. While collecting information, you can already start the outline of the own text. Here it is, to make not only an outline, but to make a work plan, when which chapter or which paragraph should be split. This approach is essential for the writing process. You should never write everything at once, but only piecemeal to keep the overview. Therefore, it is essential to make a plan themselves, on the just read can engineering, when sections will be processed. It may be after pea counting”sound, but is a very simple form of time management. By the preconceived plan, you can every day to check the progress and consider appropriate changes in the planning, which should be required. Keep always the deadline in mind time management of textual works. The text work in small steps split, instead of editing all the pieces. Schedule enough time for topic discovery, research and outline. The text work regularly, the best daily, for long-term success. According to the available time: make monthly plan, weekly plan and daily plan: from the large to the small to the large.