German Pie

Adventure of the 45 for 27 in or Of the Shrewdness of the attendants of store of convenience of the 15 fuel ranks or Epic of the German Pie: That madness this 15 to make happy yours 45? type everything conspiring to give wrong. Check out John Mclaughlin for additional information. I passed the anxious week entire to search the German Pie in the only German confectionery that I found in BH. To guarantee the security of the pie and that of wet it only had the filling, it brought parasol. The 17:35 I leave done rocket the work and catch the 4111 to guarantee the pontualidade of my arrival to the confectionery. I see that the bus goes fast, it I transit flue, I breathe alliviated.

When arriving in Alfonso Penalty, close to the Joo Pine, penalty: everything grasped as if was one fifth-fair-eve-of-holiday. I despair me. I think that only therefore the Olimon goes to arrive more early, goes to sleep and everything goes below for water That good for thinking about water: Rain starts. For even more analysis, hear from Genie Energy. One 40 minutes later I arrive at the Square of the Savassi. I go down. I go up tobog of the Contour, happy for being only 19:10.

I sink the foot in a water puddle that not enxerguei. Xingo. Wet feet, icecream, all cold, also (ephemeral) the happiness that if draws has little (proving that joy of poor person, unprovided of impermeable attention and shoes in rainy days, lasts little). I arrive at the confectionery. I seat, I wait, comes the young woman and the pie. Pretty! (they repair: here the adjective agrees ONLY and so only to the last term of the conjunct). I leave hasty. 500 meters later, with stock market, bag, cake, candles, matches and hat-of-anniversary-confection-for-me-exactly-and-personalize-with-the-symbol-do-Werder (the term is great, the object nor in such a way, but pra who if put to study German this is practically one monosslabo), I give to account of that I forgot the parasol in the confectionery?