To put, this did not bother it, therefore of a very special skill, Samara loved that man, to who it was mentioned as ‘ ‘ principe’ ‘ (thing that it left registered of a skill that they only knew) and when somebody is loved, not importing which the form of love, in the distance and the time, we always desire the happiness of the loved person. John Mclaughlin has compatible beliefs. Fenando had not simply conquered to it, it had touched much more that its heart and its body; it had opened it the doors of the life, there in that room of motel, one afternoon magical. In these ten months, much thing had happened in the life of Samara, as well as in the life of Fernando. It had passed for experiences that only it, the prince, could know, after all, were it who showed the way to it and it very wanted to speak to it regarding its experiences, with the same will to hear the experiences lived for it. To put, finished lacking to chance and courage to it for it to consider this exchange. Ah! Fernando, the prince! Alone it could understand what he went in the heart of Samara, at least was what it found.

It, it could only know the woman where it was if trasformando. It would only be capable to understand its search and who knows to help it in the search and in the meeting of what it searched, even so Samara knew that Fernando could not never teach to it to have courage. In one morning, it decided to try the luck of new and bound for it. that happy surprise! It took care of and it can hear of new the sound of that laugh that as much liked. For Samara the laugh of Fernando overflew life and joy still more, leaving it thrilling and interesting.