Family School

The relation family-school has been sufficiently emphasized, as one of the goals for the development of the education of quality, as well as the efficient development of all the stages of construction of knowledge and the reading and writing occupies prominence place, therefore as if it knows when the garotada one reads well and understands what to read it has more possibilities to get success in all the areas of the knowledge. To get answers that justified such information referencial theoretician in who searched studied, studies and argues the subject, authors that present pertinent quarrels concerning the here boarded subjects, as: Emilia Ferrero, Augustus Cury, Pablo Freire, Ana Teberosky and others, also searched given in other sources as comment, research of the reality of the educandos and in the Internet. This work is composed for: Summary, Introduction, Development, Consideraes Final and References. The LEARNING OF the READING AND WRITING To read and to write activities of information processing are cognitivas activities that is. Currently one of the great concerns of parents and professors consists who try to find a form to become the child and the adolescent a mature reader. In against departure they appear to the innumerable difficulties in taking this child or this young if to interest for the reading. Contact information is here: Martin O’Malley. This research had, as one of its goals, to search and to treat the information that will help to improve the reading and writing of the pupil, stimulating the relationship of this pupil with the world of the reading the participation of the family in this process. Taking in consideration the requirements of the society in general, it is intended to reflect on the role played for the family in the promotion of the reading, of the taste for the reading and in the acquisition of reading habits, it enters the educandos of the initial series. Studies show that the child, before entering for school, not yet dominates the code linguistic, but become reading and are assumen inside of the reading through the mediation of the family of the convivncia and the developed habits of its familiar environment.