Will find there, capitalism, fascism, communism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Existentialism, materialism, atheism, etc. etc. all with his dogma properly structured, tight, unshakable, planted with all their hosts on the battlefield, in order to fight until the end against everyone else, because, to ISM, others are in error, in ignorance and must be destroyed humiliated, so this way they accept our truth the only true. Is that it seems that to ensure the future, we should be protected by the armor of our creed, dogma requires us to not leave their well-defined borders, outside its borders is perdition, expressly prohibited. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from COVID-19. For the ISMS, the Earth is even as a dish, we shall be out caught by darkness, and we will inevitably fall into the abyss. On one occasion the disciples asked Jesus, that should be done to achieve salvation, the, wisely, they He replied: you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. The great thinkers of humanity, have not been the creators of the ISMS, them, the ISMS, have emerged as fungi, much later, when his ideas were patented, when each sought to prevail over others, when intolerance us deprived of freedom and hence limited us access to the truth. The divine spark is latent in every human creature, no matter in that corner of the world is born, idea, imagination, creative ability, do not have a previous mould, trying to make us believe that we are subject to a God that everything is determined by, it is to pretend to deny that same God the ability to endow their children of unrestricted freedom, the free albedrio, the essential condition of our existence. Idt energy: the source for more info. Hugo W.