Espirito Santo

of justice, because I go for my Father, and you will not see more to me, 11. and of the judgment, because the prince of this world already is judged. 12. Still I have much to say that you; but it cannot support it now. 13. When to come, however, that one, the Spirit of the truth, it will guide you to all the truth; because it will not speak by itself, but it will say what it will have heard, and it will announce you the coming things. 14. Will glorify it me, because he will receive from what he is mine, he will announce and you.

c. Data according to promise? At. 2:38,39: ' ' Peter then answered to them: You repent you, and each one of you is baptized on behalf of Jesus Christ, for remission of your sins; you will receive dom from the Espirito Santo. Because the promise belongs you to you, your children, and to all the ones that are far: how many Mr. our Deus chamar' '.

d. Data in sight the Dither of Christ? Jo. 7:39: ' ' However, this it said regarding the Spirit that had to receive the ones that in it believed; therefore the Spirit not yet is given, because Jesus not yet had been glorificado' '. e. Data through the intercession of Christ? Jo. 14:16: ' ' I will supplicate the Father, and it he will give another Comforter to you, so that he is with you forever ' '. f. Data in reply the conjunct? Ef. 1:16,17: ' ' I do not cease to give favours for you, remembering to me of you in mine conjuncts, so that the God of ours Mr. Jesus Christ, the Father of the glory, gives to the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the full knowledge of it &#039 to you; '.