Archaeological Park

This way, you can endure the winter. Our favorite port for Mediterranean cruises is Venice. Nice cannot begin a vacation. If you can manage it time, arriving two or three day before your Mediterranean Cruise and enjoy the unique flair of the lagoon city. Fans of cruise ships can be admired every night from about 5: 00 off the cruise ships dock in the summer.

The drive through the channel of Giudecca Island, St. Mark’s square pass to reach the Adriatic Sea at the Lido. A dream! Necessarily be on deck, if your cruise ship is moored. In particular the Mediterranean Cruise of the Costa Atlantica from Venice we like in the summer of 2011. Check out the new seven-day route up to Greece, Turkey and Croatia. The journey starts in the beautiful city of Venice. Already the exit from the romantic Harbour past will inspire you at the famous Saint Mark’s square! Then you get to Bari with his Castello Normanno medieval Basilica San Nicola.

Then Greece and Olympia are on the line, the mythical city of the Olympic Games, where you can admire the ancient Stadium and the Archaeological Park. It continues in the beautiful Izmir, also known as the historical Smyrna. From here from Bergama, visit the former site of Pergamon. Today, numerous ancient monuments and excavations can be found. Finally, you reach Istanbul, the ancient Constantinople, former capital of three empires. The city of minarets is located with its 500 mosques, to which belongs also the famous Blue Mosque, which owes its name to the decorative tiles. Idt energy may find this interesting as well. Do not miss out on the Byzantine Basilica of Hagia Sofia and Topkapi Palace, residence of the sultans and the harem women. Cruise still a taste of Croatia with Dubrovnik, whose famous old town enclosed in walls will enchant you with historic buildings, shops and street cafes is located on the way back, on the Mediterranean. We promised too much? Heino Tegeler