The King

Everything this was planned so that Daniel was catches in some inadequate attitude. This act designated during the day compromised all the night of the king. It had a sleeplessness night and was in a perpetual agony, worried about Daniel in the hollow of the lions. However, then per the morning, he ran until the hollow of the lions to know if it had been eaten for feras. John Lennon will not settle for partial explanations. Dn 6.19-21: E, per the morning early, if raised and was with haste to the hollow of the lions. E, arriving itself it hollow, called for Daniel with sad voice; e, speaking the king, said the Daniel: Daniel, servant of the alive God! Would be given the case that your God to who you continuously serve, has been able to exempt you of the lions? Then, Daniel spoke to the king: king, lives forever! It is seen in the narrative, that the night had distinct moments for the king and Daniel.

While the king agonized in suffering for the life of Daniel. Daniel knowing the great power of its God trusted that he would send the aid. Thus, the aid did not come in the period of morning, but God was with it during all the night until the dawn of the day, stamping the mouth of the lions. Book of 2 Samuel (CAP. 11.2-5; 12.6-17) – king Davi had sent its troops for the battlefield, being in the palace to rest.

In the period of the afternoon he decided to walk for the terrace, moment where he sighted the Beat beautiful. After that, the palace ordered its servants to bring it and was lain down with it (married with Urias, one of the captains of king Davi). Of this immoral and illegal act (adultery and homicide, respectively), it resulted in dissabores during followed nights of the king. However, had to these two pecaminosos acts, its nights of anguish and suffering had approximately followed it per 25 (twenty and five) years, affecting itself e, mainly, its descent.

Torriente Diaz

no generation could endure what is happening in CUBA-many times I have said, that each people has what he DESERVES! and those who live in CUBA (that don’t even accept call them CUBANS) have what they deserve, because they have failed to defend your country and continue with the same after of 50 years! This to me is EMBARRASSING! Sometimes up to me abochorno say I am Cuban.-There are many articles that I have written about this.-some have raised WELTS! And not for that count EMAILS that I have received-those who have made a fortune here talking on the radio, as Perez-Roura, insulting, but I have them answered that the only thing that always han has been talking much crap, about FIDEL, but they have never had TROUSERS to be mounted on a ship to go to defend their homeland- and that the only thing that interests them are their concerns radio insulting Fidel, but 90 miles of distance.-(with these same words)-however also have received many other EMAILS of people who give me rightly., and felicitandome. Anyway, I am so disappointed in those who live in Cuba (which neither resemble the real CUBANS, – who have always had the pants very good jobs), which already I don’t care if they die of hunger and needs. That’s what they want, because that continue with their RUMBA! .-SO IS HOW THEY ARE HAPPY! I hope also many forgive my sincerity, if I hurt some feelings – but this is my way of being and of write-always say the TRUTHS, DUCTAL to whom you hurt.-Unfortunately, we also have to Venezuela, which go by the same road of Cuba., unless they form a real revolution.-for me it is inconceivable that at these heights, – still think that CHAVEZ will allow a referendum, that is honest, real and legal- as it is possible that certain countries are left blinded in this way art l-1 l – 2 l – 3 l – 4 l – 5 l – 6 l – 7 l – 8 l-9 Eva’s Torriente Diaz FEB. 12, 2009 Original author and source of the article.. Click Bill Frissell to learn more.

Plenipotentiary Minister

Tupa taneha hoop heta ro and rupi. Candelaria Tava 17, December 1810. Manuel Belgrano 3. The GUARANi and the second war world during the second world war and being Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Minister of Mexico in the Paraguay, Doctor Ernesto Soto Reyes, was published here a brochure entitled Manuel Avila Camacho President of United States Mexicans. Mexico in a State of war.

Mexico Marandekoime. Message to the Mexican Congress of the nation of the United States H.. Reply of the H. Congress to the presidential message. Decree that he declares state of war. Legation of Mexico. Asuncion, Paraguay 1942?. Decree by which it declares to MEXICO in State of war Manuel avila Camacho, constitutional President of the United States of Mexico, its inhabitants know: that in exercising the powers conferred on me by the fraction VIII of article 89 of the Constitution of the Republic and whereas I.

Obtaining of universal peace through mutual respect of States and of the primacy of legal norms in the coexistence of peoples is the ideal that has invariably regulated the conduct of Mexico in its international relations; II. that, in the current Warrior race, our country has refrained from any act of violence and has spared no effort to stay away from the conflict; III. that, despite such an attitude, the axis powers have committed repeated acts of aggression against our sovereignty and have neglected our fair repair demands; IV., exhausted diplomatic efforts, it is impossible not to recognize and to proclaim, without erosion of national honor and dignity of the motherland, the existence of a State of war imposed to Mexico by the hostilities of totalitarian governments; V. That, the Congress of the Union approved the 30th day of the month of may the law that empowers the Executive to declare a State of war from the date in which concluded the period indicated in the protest that our Chancery made last May 14 and that the assailants left without reply; I’ve had good issued this decree only article: United States Mexicans are, since on May 22, 1942, in a State of war with Germany, Italy and Japan.

Alternative Right

The magnitude of the paper that must to play the judge hardly could be exaggerated. of the objective right and the rules that guide its interpretation and application, and of the life involves all its knowledge, under its multiple aspects: psychological, sociological, historical, politicians, geographic, philosophical, importing these last ones not only in a conception of the existence and the world as of the proper Right, of its function, ends and meaning human. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ursula K Le Guin. (AZEVEDO, 1998; Pg.61) However, when if it appeals to the judge, so that this decides one definitive conflict, this implies to say that it is if appealing to justice because ‘ ‘ the judge tends to be the incarnation of justice, since when appealing it, is aiming at to equnime the more possible solution.

So that the sentence to be proclaimed by the judge is joust, this will have to take in consideration its critical conscience, in face of the facts that are submitted to them and of the legislation whose application the parts they argem. (AZEVEDO, 1998) ‘ ‘ Its performance will have to describe a movement to a centripetal time, so that it can sopesar the interests in question well. Centrifugal E, so that of them it can be distanciar and file a suit with human being iseno’ ‘ (AZEVEDO, 1998; P 62) Observed the particular generality of the rules of law and circumstances of each in case that concrete, becomes impossible, by means of the incapacity of intelligence human being, to establish adequate norms to all anticipatedly the future variations and practical complications. In such a way, the Right needs the equity of the judge as supplement, ‘ ‘ it has to exist a power of adaptation capable to assure flexibility to the legal process, dictating for contrary times, decisions all the right formal elaborated and as such recognized one, that, however they result justas’ intrinsically; ‘ (I GREW NEPHEW, 1991) Being the purpose of the norms to keep the social order, here it is then that the Alternative Right does not infringe no principle that prevails society, since this is decurrent of the interpretation of the judge how much to the case, that is, of the understanding of the normative texts and the understanding of the facts.

Miranda Personage

The romance of Aluisio Azevedo, the Tenement house, makes use of the scientific theories in prominence at the time such as: The fatalismo the Darwinismo and the determinismo of Taine, that affirmed to be the individual product of the way where it lives, of the race and the historical moment. To read more click here: Dr. Greg Feinsinger. Concluding that everything is determined by biological variants.

The environment occupies a onipotncia position on individual and that ‘ ‘ This individual is integrant part of the natural order, and its body in such a way how much its spirit if develops and acts underneath of its total conditioning and inevitvel’ ‘. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, who has experience with these questions. (COUTINHO, Afrnio, Introduction Literature in Brazil. 18 ed. Rio De Janeiro: Publishing company Bertrand Brazil. 2005. 181). According to Darwinismo, perfect an ideal society and is that one that has as base the competition between individuals, where only most apt survives. The narrative of the romance follows this theory when Romo tells the division in the tenement house Is making to be born another tenement house (the cat head) and when tells, later, the dispute between these tenement houses.

This theory is clear also in the dispute of being able between the Miranda Personage and the Romo Personage. Another marcante characteristic of the romance is the detailed description of the life in the tenement house, what of to the reader an idea of reality when nothing more is of what an illusion of what it seems real. The hatching narrative the reader for the frieza of the details gifts in it. Mainly for displaying mazelas, the vices and misery of a social group. In this in case that, the romance cause a intentional impact making one I appeal social fortssimo and involving the reader in a complicity. Where the objective, is to take it a feeling of moralizao of the occured actions in the romance, bringing them for reality of it.

The Stranger

I recovered. I took them of assault and brought them for more close to me. They had resisted. The tension increased between them. I was inert, without knowing as conduziz them. Had lead they me until the pantry. Laughing itself, they combined to take plus a goblet of wine or any bebidinha that them of this a taste, something as if she sounded necessary to gain time to foil me.

They knew that I was there between them. therefore gestures danced bolero with small the warm. They wanted to dribble my curiosity defames. They wanted to take off me of the place of voyeur. They wanted to banish the stranger.

They wanted in such a way how much she was necessary so that purest of the idlio if it preserved. I was strident with the words I forced and them to be in my company. Me they would have to relieve the homages of the love. Official site: Dr. Mark Hyman. Had created I them. They were only the loving ones of my imagination. They had deceived me with some whispers, while he prepared the scene of the bodies wet for hungry languages. Sequiosas languages for other directions. Plus a treason. When two loving want a meeting, do not have writer that it can to plan it entire, full. It uncontrols it of my fingers uncontrols followed it of joined, fugidios the wombs, entrecortados for varied aromas that I inhaled next to the words. My paused silence was the silence waited of who would come to read them. They had directed it the room. Agacharam. First of knees. A confrontation starts. I and they. I determined that they were for more close and abetters fell for the sides, moving away the seios, per intumescidos minutes. Incisor, cliquei the look on the extended legs and cruzades. Next, they charged the sweat of the arms folded on itself in one I hug separated, continuous, that it was unfolded in overlappings for a side and another one.

Mortgage Checks

In fact, before issuing the mortgage, the apartment was checked for its history, both by the bank and insurance company, but rather, real estate agencies and real estate company "Kvadrametr." Its value is reduced because of the burden, which is eliminated with the purchase of apartments, and psychological reason – the buyer, saving the bankrupt borrower. At the same time of the sale of the pledged mortgage apartments or houses are fairly common and are dictated by life. The only question is, to understand and assess the risks of your own, or ask for professional participants of the real estate mortgage, real estate company "Kvadrametr." Joint ownership. More profitable to take a mortgage on the couple, because, given the income of both spouses, the bank may allocate a large amount of the loan. Accordingly, the couple may buy a more expensive apartment. Participation spouse co-borrower and profitable to the bank. In the event that one of spouses can not pay the mortgage, the bank can foreclose on the pay of the other spouse. Accordingly, the apartment is purchased by the mortgage in the marriage becomes joint property. If there is a cheerless situation where the mortgage apartment to share in a divorce, there are several ways: The most effective way (described above) to share an apartment, which is pledged to the bank – peace. If the bank allows the sale of apartments need to find a buyer who will advance to the bank the amount you owe the bank spouses, and spouses will receive the remaining amount in cash.

The Power

I assure that it can happen anything against his idea, arrears, people cannot help you, lost documents, rain, drought, Thomas’s Road, an accident, etc. seem that everything is against her, there will be one and thousands of obstacles at all, and the most amazing thing of all this is that these obstacles yourself is creating them at the subconscious level and discouragementthe pessimism and the strong likelihood of abandoning the ideas may occur, this is the most difficult because it requires constant work and enthusiasm even without seeing the fruits, in the book the secret of the power of the targets advised us appropriate forms so that you can concentrate on your idea and achieve an inspiration so deep that it causes you to put soullife and heart to life has always dreamed of, obstacles Dim smoothly to disappear, then the magic happens. More info: Paul McCartney. The same power It atrasaba it now is at your disposal, is in your hands and you will see that everything is organized in favour of your project, you will find people and situations that will support your idea in a remarkable way, soon friends will present you to someone who you were to find out information, or a process, customers will appear by the thousands, many people will tell you that excellent product, good idea, already days expected something like this, that way you will begin to enjoy the seeds of success, because you will have a winning mind. Then your wish has been installed in your subconscious mind, now found in point B, now the power is yours, use it with calmness and humility, when you see the results keep the balance in life, take it with absolute normality, you is and has always been successful only was enough that you believe it.. Go to Con Ed for more information.

Community Chain

What we want is to get in and out fast, and for this reason, an independent supermarket or small supermarket or convenience store is ideal. Then, the Supermercaderos in my country already saw as exploiting all these other occasions of purchase in your favor and even the purchase of convenience has become so convenient that it is being done at home, this service never or at least not for many years a chain supermarket would offer it. There are many costs and risks in this, and we should remember that a supermarket chain has one constant war against each other and this forces them to minimize expenses and margins to stay competitive. As to the modality or mini-markets. I would therefore say that the situation is very similar to independent supermarkets. Credit: Dr. Greg Feinsinger-2011. His even more because if its location is normally within the neighbourhoods or residential areas with a radius of action very frequent in your neighborhood.

Purchase occasions can be more numerous and in-home service should not miss. Assortment should be very specialized and given the so close relationship that you have with your Shoppers or clientele can be sure that never miss what they require. The modality or mini-markets should take Community action along with your neighbours and neighbourhood associations and get involved with any community event. On the other hand to ideally use promotional tools they will be Directas, never or very minimantente mass advertising. It is the use of any possible hoarding within its radius of action. Volanteos, Perifoneos (small vehicle with high speaker) announcing deals, celebrations and special events. The mini-market or minimarket should concentrate on do Guerrilla warfare, very well open ears and hearts to their customers.

Finally and this goes to modality, both separate supermarkets activen their sales, do not expect the initiatives of its suppliers that often are run by and for the chain supermarkets, have initiative to be proactive. Propose, held activities, celebrate special dates, invent any excuse to request support from their suppliers. Well, that will be all for now with this topic, we could follow much more. I invite you all to send me your comments, I need them, I want to receive opinions in agreement or disagreement. Comment, to share opinions. I am also open to requests. This same entry came by the concern of a reader to who thank you for your comments. Thank you and until the next. Original author and source of the article.

Healthy Relationship

When somebody acts thus, it transmits security and confidence, key factors for a healthy relation in any scope. The practice of Integrity is the great promoter of the harmony, the clarity, the union and honour, towards we ourself and the others, on the other hand, always we will find the lack of integrity in the root of conflict, the disadvantages and the discord in our relations, including the relation that we have with we ourself. Official site: Con Edison. On the other hand, relates to us, that the word is the fulfilled expression than we are. It is the unique patrimony that we have left when we do not have left nothing. Source: Con Edison. It is the form in which we defined ourselves and in that they understand to us. To respect it is to respect to us; to reject it is to think that to be nothing it is not better than to be what we are; it is to detest to us. Of some he is understandable. The word does not allow shades, does not want dobleces of itself, is pure, but nonpuritana, it is real, but it does not understand of superficialities, he is immortal, he is invincible, then it lasts beyond our days, although to many it hurts to them, that although are not written, is left us in the memory. Learn more about this with David Bowie.

Who does not have the word does not understand it, neither the mistress, nor needs so at least it. She lives immersed in his emptiness, its withered phrases, their hollow sounds, their words exhausted. Who apostatizes of her does she fears because it, she creates because it unnecessary. She would take it if not outside because to not know it it terrifies and not to dominate it, not to be able to overcome it in a fight between truths, lies, and truths by halves, ganaria always the word. Truth without excuses. The word unites to us makes the world understandable, expressable the thoughts, the feelings make arts, and comprehensible the people. In conclusin, we must to be very kind as we handled our word, that as much we were respected and we respected to dems, we do not promise bada without knowing if really we can fulfill, we consider once ms, that nobody forces to us, is nuestrolibre albeldrio that does. We consider which says Christian Lina to us, that the words of the people not always are sustained by facts, sometimes demonstrate that what says they are only words .